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So my friend and I (and by we, i mean I since she doesn't have RPG VX Ace or a computer she can use to create it) are making two games (I am actually working on at least three besides the two mentioned here) in RPG VX Ace. 

    My game is a horror about an 18-19 year long experiment on millions of animals, plants, and bugs, that leave only 11 surviving. After about 18 years from the beginning of the experiment, one dies, and to destroy the evidence, they fed it's remains to the surviving 10. Enraged, they all go on a rampage and kill at least two of the scientists with the exception of "Wretched Egg" (I began to work on this game about two weeks after i got really into Deadman Wonderland, i do plan on changing the name). The one who started the Rampage, his name is Jeff, the other human (the first being "Wretched Egg"), is sent away to be killed. "Wretched Egg", however, runs after him, the last female scientist running after her to try to re-contain her, the scientist and the young girl are both hit by a truck, thus ending the experiment.
    The game itself opens up about a year after the whole incident, and you play as a young girl named "Feyris Mentis" (Yes, my OC, as i have said before, she is the main character in most of my stories) who was recently discharged from the hospital after a recent "accident", suffering from temporary amnesia. The young girl, having past records of living in the house from before the accident, is sent to live in the same old home the experiments lived in, finding great clues as to what happened during the experiment.

    The game i am making for my friend, Alyssa, who is helping me with the story and characters, is about a young man who suffers from depression that finds an old house in the forest which contains the gates to both heaven and hell. The gates are in the form of a lever, if you pull it down, you are sucked down to hell, it you push it up, you are taken to heaven. He has always questioned his faith, so when he finds the gates, it changes his mind a little bit, so obviously, first, he goes to heaven, to get away from his "Sh*tty" life. When he had arisen, he finds that the Angels and God are in a frantic panic at the upcoming war between them the those that dwell down below, as well as the upcoming prophecy. 
    When he goes down to hell, he finds that the demons and the devil are in fact, the same way. "The Middle Earth", or earth as we refer to it, becomes a battlefield between "What is right" and "What is wrong". The man still goes between the two, heaven and hell, until he finds out who the person spoken about in the prophecy, and how he should "Remember Who The Real Enemy Is, and Fight Them, Not The Innocent".

    I plan on posting screenshots of the maps in both games and character sprite sheets, as well as the other projects i am currently working on, tomorrow morning, however, i will need a few Beta testers, and i will be very grateful if one or two of you (at least) would like to. I plan on having at least a small portion of both games completed by the end of next month (August). Please do keep in mind, i am using RPG VX Ace, so to test it, you must have it installed on your computer to be able to run the game. Also, if anyone has any suggestions about changing something about the game, or would like to help in the creation of either of them, private message me please.

I apologize for the way this is written, i am still an amateur writer (and only 14. XD)

Thank you!
                    ~yureiNeko (Me) and ForeverAHetalian8 (Alyssa)

UPDATE: ForeverAHetalian8  has created a Deviantart.


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Hey, My name is Karissa Bradford, Most of the time though i go by yureiNeko or ragDoll, i tend to draw anime and monsters, as well as work on RPGs, mostly horror, i am currently working on at least 5 active projects and could use some Beta testers in the future. i am also an Armature writer of short and longer stories and peoms. I might also post some characters i created for stories i have or will write.

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